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This magical first-person novel poignantly captures the quest for love, truth, and meaning in a tumultuous world. Chances are, you know someone like Camille: tenderhearted and ambitious, yet free-as-the-breeze. An American portrait artist in Paris, Camille Portraro leads an enchanting existence until her life forever changes when everything she loves crashes in a flash.An accident leads her face-to-face with a foreigner who mirrors lost parts of her life causing everyone to do a double take.


Sasha Lauren’s dramatic debut novel The Paris Predicamentis a playful, thrilling, and unpredictable page-turner. The whimsical words lilt and roll off the page; it will take you for a wondrous ride around the world without ever leaving your seat. 



Do you have a writing process? If so can you please describe it?

Yes. I write for half an hour on a regular basis at least every few days. Music, art, conversations, the news, and life experience influences my work. I take time to percolate on a scene - during that time, I jot down words, images, and phrases that come to me. If I feel stuck, I walk, dance, or juggle, read song lyrics, sing, take hot baths, or use word or picture prompts. 


How did you come up with the story idea?

I happened upon a beautiful photo of the Montmartre steps and put myself there in my mind. “What do I hear, see, and smell? What is the weather like?” I heard a woman run down the stairs. Clomp-clomp. Clomp-clomp. It was a chilly day. “Is she running toor fromsomewhere?” The questions led to a story I shared on Facebook titled, In Paris Today. My Fb friends loved it and asked, “What happens next?”


I tried to put it out of my mind because I wasn’t sure what direction to go in, but my subconscious wouldn’t let it go. Three days later, I wrote a follow-up flash chapter titled, Later That Day in Paris.I wrote 182 more flash chapters until I had a book.

D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

"Lauren's poetic prowess and gift with words drives a story of discovery and transformation that is replete with a spunky character's wildly divergent ride through a suddenly-revised life."

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