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The Paris Predicament is like a small storm, you can see it on the radar, you feel the wind picking up and before you know it you are surrounded by this small tornado shifting and turning along with the characters as they experience life. It’s thrilling, enlightening, and captivating. 



Although I consider myself a writer, ironically, I am at a loss for words to praise this work. Outstanding. Excellent. It dances along and grabs the reader’s attention from beginning to end. I love the way poetry is fused in with the prose, the wonderful descriptive words presented in such rhyme. The story flows quickly and smoothly.  



​A lyrical travel romp! This is AMAZING! The book invites us into the author’s wonder-filled worldview, as the story lines weave into a mesmerizing tapestry. Sasha Lauren is a virtuoso with plot, character, and dialogue. I can smell the soup she describes, and the coziness it brings on a cold day. Nobody works in foreshadowing and backstory the way she does. 



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This magical first-person novel poignantly captures the quest for love, truth, and meaning in a tumultuous world. Chances are, you know someone like Camille: tenderhearted and ambitious, yet free-as-the-breeze. An American portrait artist in Paris, Camille Portraro leads an enchanting existence until her life forever changes when everything she loves crashes in a flash. An accident leads her face-to-face with a foreigner who mirrors lost parts of her life causing everyone to do a double take. Sasha Lauren’s dramatic debut novel The Paris Predicament is a playful, thrilling, and unpredictable page-turner. The whimsical words lilt and roll off the page; it will take you for a wondrous ride around the world without ever leaving your seat. 



Sasha Lauren, poet, artist, professional organizer, and screenplay consultant, was a globetrotting licensed massage therapist for cast and crew on feature film sets. She won first place in the Channillo Publishing short story contest

for “The Country Fair,” and first place in Writers Assembled contest for “The Paris Predicament,” which is her first dramatic novel. She loves to review films, study world culture through art and music, and juggle. 


Sublime Book Review

The Paris Predicament is the story of an American woman living in Paris, working as an artist. A tragedy strikes for which she feels responsible, and she travels to different corners of the world seeking escape and atonement. Her path forces her to leave behind close friends, but it throws new ones into her sphere.


This novel is a whirlwind of activity, with a plot that twists and turns; a smorgasbord of eccentric characters who come and go in the protagonist’s life; and settings that move from one continent to another at a rapid tempo. The author has a penchant for dramatic similes and even more dramatic characters, and she has the talent to juggle them all effortlessly. With a dizzying pace, readers must stay on their toes to keep up to the action, which has a nice overlay of whimsy and humor.


Sublime Line: “This novel and its colorful characters will spin you through a variety of settings with an action- filled and entertaining plot.”

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The founder of Epiphany Scripts, I was a screenplay consultant and ghostwriter in Hollywood; I bring visual and artistic expression to The Paris Predicament. Readers gave enthusiastic feedback in real time as I wrote Camille's story line-by-line on Facebook. Many times, I asked readers for word suggestions to use in the text - I then incorporated ten  of their words per chapter; it was a fun, interactive, creative, modern-day Vanity Fair approach to writing. 



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