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Preorder Final Lullaby, due August 17, 2023.

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A few reviews for The Paris Predicament

A few reviews for The Paris Predicament


The Paris Predicament - teaser

This magical first-person novel poignantly captures the quest for love, truth, and meaning in a tumultuous world. Chances are, you know someone like Camille: tenderhearted and ambitious, yet free-as-the-breeze. An American portrait artist in Paris, Camille Portraro leads an enchanting existence until her life forever changes when everything she loves crashes in a flash. An accident leads her face-to-face with a foreigner who mirrors lost parts of her life causing everyone to do a double take. Sasha Lauren’s dramatic debut novel The Paris Predicament is a playful, thrilling, and unpredictable page-turner. The whimsical words lilt and roll off the page; it will take you for a wondrous ride around the world without ever leaving your seat



Angela Alexander, a New England bookshop owner and support talk line volunteer, is dedicated to listening to people without her own filter getting in the way. Though her life is full and satisfying, she faces the ultimate dilemma after her husband Tucker – an exuberant bird photographer and blues musician – is harmed by medical malpractice during a routing hernia repair. Left in intractable pain, he struggles to focus on any shred of quality of life. When Tucker expresses the desire to end his life before he loses full autonomy, Angels must decide to support him in the decisions, or not. 

           Final Lullaby - teaser

Author Biography

Artist and author Sasha Lauren has written two novels so far. The Paris Predicament is a dramatic, whimsical novel about a portrait artist in Paris who goes on a journey for meaning and redemption. Final Lullaby is a love story that deals with medical harm and the right to die with dignity.

Sasha was a licensed massage therapist, Hollywood script consultant, Shakespearean actress, professional organizer, and keynote speaker. She has written about patient safety for CityWatch Los Angeles and Mad in America.

Epiphany Script
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Years before I was a novelist, I founded and ran Epiphany Scripts. I was a screenplay consultant and did page one rewrites for Hollywood writers, directors, and producers. Epiphany also ran a popular screenplay contest. I enjoy telling stories; I hope you enjoy reading them!

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